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Conservative Leadership Team

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Support Alaskans fighting everyday to keep our State Conservative.

Who We Are

The Conservative Leadership Team PAC (CLTPAC) was co-founded by Representative Cathy Tilton (District 12 – Butte/Chugiak/Fairview Loop), Representative Tom McKay (District 24 – Bayshore/Klatt), and former Representative David Talerico (District 6 – Healy) in mid-October of 2021 to establish a fundraising apparatus to help conservative Republicans compete in an increasingly volatile and complex campaign environment.

These leaders know that if we’re going to start solving the problems facing Alaska, it WILL require changing the composition of the State House. They are committed to establishing a cohesive Republican majority and breaking the gridlock and dysfunction that have become the hallmarks of the 32nd Alaska Legislature. They need your help to do that.

Our Purpose

Because of current campaign finance regulations, the co-chairs believed it necessary to create an additional mechanism for funding key, competitive State House races around the state.

Prudent Counsel

Beyond the obvious goal of raising money to support quality candidates, our support also includes providing Republican House candidates with advice and consultation, consistent with current best practices for modern political campaigning. It isn’t enough just to raise money, it is critical to help candidates, especially new ones, to avoid the easy pitfall of spending money ineffectively.

The co-chairs and their deputy treasurers have dozens of political campaigns under their belts, spanning nearly three decades.


Targeting will focus on the competitiveness of the race, the personal commitment of the candidates, loyalty to a Republican caucus, and the mechanics of the campaign apparatus.

Targeting decisions will be made by the co-chairs in consultation with their deputy treasurers.

Funds Appropriation

The group will commit the vast majority of funds raised directly toward candidate contributions, with a minor portion going to administrative costs for things like APOC compliance.

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